5 Tips to Create a Business from Home with Kids

  1. I have built businesses out of my home for the past 15 years. As a mother of 4, this can pose a challenge at times. I am working at home to be with them, and yet I still need to work, with them at home. There lies my dichotomy. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

#1. Have a meeting with the children. (If they cannot talk yet~skip this tip)

Explain to the kids what your business is about, what you do to earn money, and how you spend your time when you are working. I have found that if I take time to explain to my girls, they respect my time more when I need to work. I talk about wanting to be home with them, but I also need quiet time to work.

#2. Set up special activities they can do independently while you work.

I will set up crafts, movies and popcorn, pull all the blankets out and let them build a fort, Legos or Playdoh. I choose quiet activities that will occupy them for a block of time that are special.

#3. Engage them in your business.

I call them my “assistants.” They can put stickers on things, put items in boxes, put boxes in the car, sort papers, or organize my desk. My older daughter helps me with computer items; flyers, photos, Photoshop. I call her my IT department. They feel a part of what I am building and proud to help out.

#4. Plan meals.

I go grocery shopping once a week. I spend Sunday making my meal list and gathering all the ingredients that I will need that week. It’s also a great excuse to watch the cooking shows on T.V. It saves me a lot of time.

#5. Reward them when You reach a goal.

I set goals regularly in my business. I will tell the girls what my goal is and the time frame I have to meet it. Then, I let them think of ideas on what they would like to do or have once I reach the goal. I have purchased special toys, gotten mani~pedis with them, gone to the movies and given them candy bars. I let them choose something that excites them. They are great at keeping me accountable to my goals and time frame. Skin in the game matters.

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