Have you ever met a MLM Weirdo?

Have you ever had a friend who joined “one of those things” and became a weirdo?

She seemed to have gulped down a bit too much of the corporate Kool-aid. Her products were ah-mazing, the CEO was a genius, the growth of the company was off the charts, the people involved were shinier and smarter than regular folks, and she was going to get rich. She even had a cache of stories about waitresses and carpet cleaners who had made millions. The best part was she wasn’t going to sell anything, she just had to SHARE!! And lucky for you, she wanted you to do it with her.
Its possible your friend became a camouflage wearing, jumping out of the bushes, stalker. You may have to avoid eye contact with her at social events so she wouldn’t continue taking about her damn “pyramid thing”.

If this sounds familiar read on.

Why do our seemingly normal friends get so weird after joining “one of those things”?

The bottom line, the industry trains it.

Lets examine the common training tips you may receive from a MLM company.

#1.  No doesn’t mean No, it means not right now.

This very sentence is how many a stalker was born. Lets be clear, no does mean no. The product,  or the company is simply not for everyone. You will never gain a referral network if you think hounding people is how you get them to see the light.

#2. You don’t sell you share.

You are paid by selling a product or service. (period)

#3. The product will sell itself.

Uh, no it won’t. Its a sales and marketing gig. To make money you must sell a product or service which means there are skills involved. Skills that can be learned, practiced and trained.

#4. Its easy, (then site an example of an Average Joe who is a multi-millionare doing the gig) 

Couple things here. Yes, there are random crazy stories of the unexpected success of Average Joe, this is rare and quite unlikely. It takes consistent work and skill building. Owning your own business is never easy, but its rewarding.

#5. Everyone wants this product/service.

This is the primary cause of stalking behavior. The MLM weirdo accelerates to stalker status from this training. The reality is some people do want this product/service but very few. Its marketing. Very few people want most things. Visit the grocery store and checkout the ketchup selection. It does not take everyone to make it in this industry, it takes a specific tribe of people who love that product or service.

My hope is the next time you run into a MLM weirdo you will have compassion for their predicament. The Kool-aid is strong, and the training is weak.

I’m committed to help entrepreneurs never become MLM weirdos. You can build a business in this industry and still be you!

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  1. this reminds me of the couple of friends who went with MLM businesses and called me for the meetings. I am not sure about other MLM businesses but those two different businesses weren’t selling any product or skill but just dreams. Register with us with this much money, get two more under you and you will have your return within next 4 weeks,

    anyway, its simple my friends couldnt persuade me to Register because they weren’t selling something on which they had a belief rather they were trying to get their money out by signing me in and that way, such MLM sales tactics goes desperate because they dont want to help other but themselves :) Sales gets violate and so the principles.

  2. Anup, unfortunately your experience is not isolated. Hopefully we can begin educating those who join this type of business on how to interview potential business partners to see if it is a right fit for them or not. It sounds like your friends were looking to help themselves more than you. And that, in business, any business, is never a successful approach. Thank you for stopping by!

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