I know a dirty word~ MLM

Lets have a talk about MLM.

Lets face it the industry has a bad rap. It’s a step below the used car salesman. Many people have tried it, very few have done it successfully, and most went through their own personal  weirdo phase while they were doing it.

According to the Direct Selling Association; 18 million people (18.2) were involved in direct selling in the United States in 2014, with estimated retail sales reaching $34.5 billion.
That is BIG business, to give you a perspective the NFL did 9 billion in revue in 2014.

Why do so many fail at this type of business?

In a recent Gallup poll, 61% of Americans want to be their own boss.
It’s almost intrinsically American to want to have something of your own. Our country was founded on innovation.

But the dream of owning your own business and reality of running and building your own business are very separate. The MLM business model cashes in on this common desire.

Why don’t people succeed in MLM? Because although most people want to own their own business, very few are actually entrepreneurs.

The MLM industry sells it is an “anyone can do it” business model and that is a lie.

The people who do succeed in MLM were entrepreneurs before they joined. They were already tenacious before they joined. They were already resourceful before they joined. They were already self-starters before they joined. They already had been commission only sales, or owned their own business, or had a paper route, or a lemonade stand. They were already people who thought outside the box and hustled before they joined.

What if the MLM industry addressed the elephant in the room, which is 50% won’t make it their first year and 90-95% will drop out by year 5.

Is there a way we can attract, train, and help the entrepreneurs take products to market using word of mouth advertising? Wouldn’t it make more sense, rather than an anyone could do it mentality, that we begin using a filter, interviewing and qualifying people to see if they are even right  join in a MLM. Less would leave, more would succeed, because it would be the  people who were already pre-disposed to own their own businesses and they would bring with them the skills they will need to succeed. Because many of these skills were already inside them before they started.

I believe that could change the slimey side of this gig. I’m committed to challenging these drop out  numbers, to find a better way. Its big business, and a great business for the right people but many of the standard ideas held in the industry are garbage.

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  1. Hey Krista,
    You are right when you mention an interview process. In my business, we have an 8 step qualification process to make sure people are right for the business. You are correct when you say that people just aren’t entrepreneurs, and they will fail at it. Our process makes sure that the business relationship isn’t a waste of time (for both parties involved). A strict process has much more long-term success than a hype up sign up business. Thanks for sharing; I will be back often!

  2. We are in agreement Michael. It truly is better for both parties and helps people have a true opportunity in the industry, if they are a good match. I look forward to connecting. Please share my post if you find them helpful. Thank you, Krista

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