Let’s Try

I got the Big Eye Roll from my husband when I announced I was joining a MLM.  Yep, I was “doing one of those things” Lets sum it up to say that he was less than impressed with my choice, and although I didn’t need his approval to do it, his disapproval was obvious and uncomfortable.

I was uncomfortable. I did not want to become a weirdo, I didn’t want my friends to feel awkward around me, I didn’t want to become a weirdo, or did I mention that?

But I wanted something of my own.

I had been home with the girls, (all four of them) and my mini-van orbited around the school car line and the grocery store.

So this is how it went.

My daughters do stuff.  Soccer, ballet, musical instruments, gymnastics, essay contests,  you know the stuff. When they come to me to do something new my answer is, “Ok, lets try.” I don’t ever tell them they don’t know how to do something before they’ve tried.

Then we try. We go to practices, competitions, learn on the computer, kick the ball in the back yard. We try and learn and try. Sometimes they find out they have a gift for something, or that they have to work hard, or they don’t like the activity but they are better for trying.

I had lost that. I didn’t have the same attitude toward myself as I had for my children. I was in a rut.

So that’s why I did “one of those things”. Because if my girls had come to me and wanted to try to do a business from home, (assuming children were allowed to do businesses from home) I would have said, “Lets try.”

And we would have learned, and practiced and tried.

And that’s what I have done.

Sometimes I  have to re-think a strategy, or something won’t work out well,  but just like my children do, sometimes I find out I have a gift in an area, or I have to work hard in an area, or I don’t like something but I am better for trying.

I was able to hit the top position in my company in my first 8 months, the Big Eye Roller is grateful I tried.



  1. Oh, I can so relate to this! I’ve always been attracted to network marketing, and have joined quite a few different companies, but was always too scared, not enough confidence and the phone weighed a ton–or seemed to, anyway.

  2. I REALLY like this mantra!

    One of my goals this year is to say YES more often instead of looking at all the reasons to say no or why something won’t work.

    Which company do you work for?

  3. Wow! I was expecting more instead of the finish “I made it to the top of my company in 8 months and my Big Eye Roller was grateful I tried” ending. You had me in your story! I wanted more! Why? Because my story is similar. I didn’t get the Big Eye Roll, but he came to hear the presentation and HE too, thought it was a good idea for me. However, I wasn’t a High member in 8 months or 8 years. I’m envious. BUT I am a business owner because of what I learned and that was invaluable.

  4. Good for you! “Let’s try” is a good philosophy. And it sure sounds like you did way more than just “try.” You never know what you can do until you get out there and do it. What a great example for your daughters. Keep up the great work.

  5. Ariana Fernandez

    This is such a nice post. You have a good written voice. Relateable. Mine supports me on most things I think he eye rolls internally. HIs requirement- make money which is not always easy. Good thing you made to the top and who is rolling their eyes now lol.

  6. So glad you decided to try something for yourself using the same philosophy you use to guide your girls. It’s great you were so successful & I’m not surprised having read some of your blogs. what I think is more important is that you walked the talk, took care of your needs & gave your girls a great role model.

  7. I think sometimes stay at home moms, and I get it, we feel the need to be needed or challenged in different ways.. and MLM’s are a great way for moms and anyone to be able to create a small business and make some extra income or to push it forward fully and make it a full time. It depends but they are great in that it is your choice and either way they can work.

  8. Vicky

    Well done on giving it a go and succeeding. I agree with Roslyn I love the way you follow the advice you give your girls. Congratulations!

  9. What a beautiful family! They are a credit to your parenting – and to showing them the way for a successful life.

    Now, you’re showing them how to get around the eye rolling…because eye rolling will be around every corner, at every walk of life.

  10. MLM is Multi Level Marketing, or Network Marketing.
    I appreciate your time for taking a look at the blog! If I can be helpful with any home based business tips please reach out to me.

  11. Thank you for the compliment, the girls are my joy! I am getting a new lesson in eye rolling with one of my daughters in high school and another entering middle school soon. I think they inherited “eye rolling” from their dad!

  12. Thank you for your support Jackie. Its important to me to model for the girls…options..and how they can create their own work environment.

  13. Hi Vicky,
    I appreciate you stopping by and spending the time to read the blog. Do as I do, not as I say …right? I know there are little eyes watching me create our lives. It matters to me that is inspires them to grow as big as they can!

  14. Yes Kristen, they are a great option for women who want to build something of their own. (when the women join with their eyes open to what the industry takes to be successful). I am a firm believer that people are smart, they want the truth and are open to building skill sets to learn new jobs. My goal is to help shift the industry to make it an intelligent choice for women, and clarify how they can do it to make money. No fairy dust here…well maybe a little, but I think my girls are sprinkling it around!

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