ME Dreams

I had ME dreams, before I got married and had kids.
I made the conscious decision to stay home and raise my children while my husband continued on his career path.
I learned to change diapers, plan kid parties, knew all the Wiggles songs, shopped the Target sales, went to play groups, and learned to prepare meals like a short order cook.
Our family continued to grow; I became a semi-proficient Martha Stewart and began to find myself only in them.
My life was them.
Don’t get me wrong, I love them deeply. I am grateful that I have been able to be the one to see them take their first steps, rock them to sleep, and hear their breath on my neck as they napped. It continues to be a deep source of joy and fulfillment raising my four daughters.
When I thought of my future, I thought about things: I’ll go to culinary school when the girls grow up or get a degree in Interior design, or an MFA.
I thought of ME~ only in future tenses.
That future me would go big then. Not now. Now was not my time. I would wait.
Then, I decided to challenge that.
I had always been entrepreneurial, ever since my first lemonade stand.
I started selling on Ebay when the girls were little. I carried a box around the house collecting stuff and sold it. I did it for Mad Money. And to have an hour a day, while the babies napped, to do something that was mine. To see if I could build something.
I would drop the boxes off at the post office each day, with babies in the stroller, and eventually grew it to a $60,000 a year business for myself.
I learned to do wholesale sourcing, find niche markets, and spot trends. I did it for me. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I have gone on to find other businesses I can do from home.
My first priority remains our daughters, our family, my marriage and home. I am deeply rooted in this little tribe that we have created, and I adore them all.
But I am here. I get to build something; I get to dream. I get to spend. I get to be interested. I get to be interesting. I get to OWN my own life inside and out.
Are you waiting till they grow up?
Maybe you can go big now, or little now, with something that is just yours. It’s ok. You get to have yours too. It’s not selfish. The children are not sacrificed. They watch, learn, and see. You can build a business with a baby on your hip, a phone to your ear, and dinner on the stove.


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